7 Unavoidable Consequences of Plagiarism

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Before we begin, let’s first gawk at what statistics reveal about the ‘art of plagiarism.’

  • Approximately 59% of school-goers (of public & private schools combined) admit to committing plagiarism.
  • Around 28% of grad students & 39% of UG apprentices concede about plagiarism-prone paraphrasing sources extracted from the internet.
  • An estimated 39% of college and 27% of university students confessed to duplicating content from other written sources or references without presenting proper credit or using quotation marks.
  • Roughly 16% of UG students and 9% of college students reveal they copied sources and falsified their bibliography without citations.
  • Also, about 9% of university students have transparently spilt the beans about indulging in plagiarism (by rephrasing word by word from someone else work) without being aware of it. 

These stats are compelling indeed. And it reveals a harsh truth about how many students (with intention or not) commit this unacceptable act of plagiarism.  

Most (if not all) educational circles see plagiarism Checker as ‘TABOO’ & consider it to be an ‘Unpardonable Crime.’

Educational circles may impose different severities of punishment. For example, schools adhere to a strident ‘Strike Policy’. 

  • 1st strike – their term papers getting cancelled immediately without giving the student a chance to explain 
  • 2nd strike – the school suspends the student for a time-constrained period
  • 3rd strike – the school terminates the student committing plagiarism. Some even black-list those students, thus rendering them almost inadmissible elsewhere.

In colleges/universities, the terms for punishment are different to that of schools. The faculties in such higher education circles take such ill-acts more seriously. So naturally, the levied consequences are severer. 

The student’s assignment paper gets cancelled, or they receive a ‘ZERO’ as their paper grade.

The course professor may even refer the student to the higher college/university officials for a disciplinary hearing dealing with cheating. 

In cases of such disciplinary hearing, the student is deemed guilty and either suspended for an indefinite period or expelled altogether. 

Digging Deeper Into Other Serious Consequences of Plagiarism

Loss of Reputation

Plagiarism leads to suspension and termination of the faulted student. And when this happens, it reflects on their academic reputation. 

They will be barred from enrolling anywhere else, thus hindering their desired education and career ambitions. 

Demise of Creative Flair

Plagiarism destroys the creativity of a person. It shuts down their imaginative boundaries and strips away their zeal and aspirations to learn innovations.

They get reduced to a shell of their former self, shackled and trapped in a world of lethargic contentment filled with utter mediocrity and monotony. 

Complete Demoralisation of Mind & Spirit

Duplicating content will prevent you from learning or taking inspiration from others’ work. Instead of viewing others’ work as a piece of art, you will treat it like some disposal source. 

Eventually, this habit of plagiarising content will slow your mind’s progression and potential for gaining wisdom. And sooner or later, when you realise what you’ve been doing, it will render you utterly broken both in mind and spirit. 

This is the worst fate for a writer who strives to produce quality and honest work!

Career Suicide 

Committing plagiarism can get you sacked from a workplace and prevent you from finding another job. Furthermore, as per the severity of the offence, your professional name and fame will get destroyed. 

The worst part of it – even while being jobless, the tag of a plagiariser will always follow them for the rest of their existence. 

Possibility of Prison

Jail time is also possible for those found committing the egregious act of plagiarism. Most copyright laws are absolute, so the legal penalties concerning plagiarism are severe! 

Those who write for a living (journalists, content writers & authors), if found guilty of plagiarising others’ work without the use of proper referencing or citations, can even undergo the possibility of prison. 

Monetary Ramifications   

Upon discovering that a person is producing plagiarised work at a publishing house or for a magazine, the real author could legally sue and grant monetary restitution.

The accused student/individual will have to pay off the deemed monetary penances in such a situation. 

Destroys the reputation of the organisation hiring them   

Someone committing plagiarism can also lead to societal and economic consequences. Those duplicating content to attain their course degree or at work only contribute to demeaning and devaluating themselves! Their work won’t be authentic. Instead, it will have outdated or redundant information.

But that’s not all. By committing plagiarism, these folks even devalue other degree holders of that place too. Left unabated, those individuals will continue to manifest this ill behaviour throughout their life. This resultantly influences the economy. Using unfair means deeds to achieve their course degree may cause organisations hiring them lots of expenses in their onboarding, job training and overall turnover. That’s because such individuals don’t have the creative skills or problem-resolving acumen to churn out quality and authentic work. 

Final lines:

Ignorance is (not) Bliss for plagiarism. The above consequences establish it. 

Tis’ why students should always check their work using a quality plagiarism checker before submission!

And if they can’t avoid plagiarism when writing, the best thing to do is take help from professional do my assignment for me experts to do it on their behalf.

Author’s Bio

Moira Queen is a full-time Ghost Writers for MyAssignmenthelp.com for some time. She is passionate about helping UG and Graduates with their assignment work with quality writing and even checks them with plagiarism checker tool before submission. Besides this, Moira is a thrill-seeker and loves rock climbing, surfing with dolphins and scuba diving.

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